Dr. Shetty's patent on Rehab Suspension System developed at the University of Hartford in association with Dr. Fast of Albert Einstein Hospital (Montefiore ) NY is an innovative apparatus that enables ambulatory patients to walk and conduct rehabilitation sessions while being partially de-weighted in a secure harness.

A movable gantry follows the patient as they move in the x, y, and even z (height) directions. The exercise area is determined by the size of the tubular steel frame and is typically 25 x 15 feet although other sizes both larger and smaller can be accommodated. The system is entirely microprocessor controlled and the rehab specialists can determine the degree of de-weighting (5% - 95% of body weight) as well as particular control parameters to actuate the gantry following movement.

Clinical trials are underway at Montefiore Hospital and patient outcomes have been outstanding, especially with enabling stroke patients and other disabled walkers to stand, walk and conduct rehab exercises in the shortest possible times while essentially eliminating the chance for falls and other accidents.

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